2017 Shanghai Art Fair in early November in the Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center is coming soon
2017-10-26 16:05:19

Shanghai Art Fair 2017 (21st), as Aisa’s celebrated art exchange with long history and high internationalization degree, will be grandly held from Nov.2-5 at Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center. 

According to organizers, the entire exhibiton area will be 25,000㎡,193 booths with different specifications are located in the hall. The scale continues to lead the major Asian Art Fair. There will be thousands of Chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture, video, installation, ceramics and other artworks involved in the transaction. 

First of all, Chinese and foreign galleries made a new interpretation of the "internationalization", showing a new situation China Gallery began to operate a large number of foreign artists, foreign galleries have agents of Chinese painter works, such as: dozens of galleries in Heilongjiang recommended dozens of The Russian and Ukrainian artist; Beijing MIN Art Space and Junkai International Culture and Art under the command of the Brazilian artists Tasla and Di Xiu Saxini, etc. American West Germany Biluo Duo Gallery show the Chinese contemporary artist Jin Feng"s works as the main part their works. American Bryce Reagan Gallery is pushing Chinese artist Zhao Macro works ... Chinese and foreign galleries established a more direct and more effective two-way channel for overseas art come into the Chinese art market and the Chinese art go to the international art market.


鲁普及 《新生之三》青铜





金锋《书法系列 10》雕塑


In this year’s exhibition, there are so many highlights such as: by the Central Academy of Fine Arts 37 teachers and students of the thematic exhibition will be the first large-scale landing; "Czech Crystal Art Union" will carry six Czech top crystal artist works debut ; Shanghai Free Trade Area Exhibition "Art Road", there will be a large number of Shanghai painting and calligraphy master and the people of the works on the same stage display, Wuhu Fan, Xie Zhi Liu, Tang Yun, Chen Peiqiu and other famous works can make collectors enjoy the whole sea painting "King Park International" will bring our Taiwan 81-year-old landscape sculptor master Zhang Jing works debut; "Kaka degree art space", then "will "nature" move home" as the theme, invited Three artists, through the oil paintings, porcelain and watercolor works, the art, nature and life perfect fusion; "love the new morning morning culture," the main calligraphy and painting artists, are the love of Nicholas descendants, And the five generations of the same hall, the painting and calligraphy works show its long history of strong foundation; by the "good Yi art" curatorial new media art "art yuan" project, invited Eight new artists from Asia and the United States to create, will bring a new immersive experience. Ceramic works, "Yilan culture spread" to bring exhibitors, "China White" reputation of Dehua white porcelain will debut.


谢稚柳  《竹鸠图》

陈佩秋 《竹林翠鸟》宣纸




爱新觉罗 漫娘《和谐福贵》宣纸


As in recent years cross-border art is quite popular, Shanghai Art Fair strategic partner "Art EMI", the art of cross-border form of innovation, customization of the audience the largest space, invited nowadays the hottest cross-border artists Zhu Jingyi, as well as well-known car brand participation, the use of innovative art language and Multimedia technology, together to create a "cross to pay tribute to the tide before" as the theme of "Art of the 100 generations of Zhu Jingyi cross-border art exhibition" for the traditional calligraphy to bring a unique personality of the ingenuity and cultural charm.


Israel Aviram Gallery, will show us the world famous singer, composer, author of the works of David Dior, he had former US President Barack Obama and Clinton singing. Seven years ago, he opened the art of painting the door, the works show an abstract style, as well as a strong visual impact and a wide range of color mixed forms.


The forum of this event - "Yibo auditorium", since its inception last year, this year"s wonderful to continue, invited to Zhang Wuchang, Cao Qitai and other heavyweight celebrity guests for the keynote speech.

萨尔瓦多 达利《哲学家的炼金术》综合材料


田忠泉 《深院幽庭》油画

姚东青 《小红车》布面油画




Shin, Cheol《我画你》布面油画

Shanghai Art Fair 2017 
Duration:  November 2(Thu) – 5(Sun), 2017 (4 days)  
Venue: Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center 
Daily ticket: 50RMB 
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