Shanghai Art Fair 2012 Smoothly Closed The Curtain
2012-11-21 12:01:14

Shanghai Art Fair 2012(16th) smoothly closed at ShanghaiMart this afternoon. During the exhibition period, around 50000 visited this fair. The on-site turnover volumn of this fair broke 100 million rmb again.

There are three key characteristics of the deals this year:
Firstly, oil paintings, minitype of sculpture and prints are still the hotspot of collecting.
The on-site deals in Shanghai Art Fair 2012 maintained a stead situation,almost all the kinds of artworks are well dealed.
Thereinto, oil paintings, minitype of sculpture and prints were favored by middle calss and colletors particularly. The limited edition of minitype sculptures¡±Foster The Glory¡± pushed by ROOFPURPLE, the agent of theme stature of Shanghai Art Fair 2012 reached dozen of deals.

Secondly, ¡°Art of Pressure Elimination¡± was favored by white collar class.¡°Art of Pressure Elimination¡± tailored for white collars was perfered as expected. J. Art sold more than 10 pieces of Tang Yunhui¡¯s watercolor paintings in two days. Young artists arteworks such as Gu Tingting¡¯s Prints and Qu Rong¡¯s oil paitings also won a great vogue.

Last, new buyers made decisive purchases while regular customers collected rationally.
In according to the statements of exhibitors of Shanghai Art Fair 2012. Differing from what used to be, new collectors made the first purchase in this year¡¯s Fair. The artworks which price between 30,000 to 50,000 are their favorites.
However, those experienced collectors tended to purchase after ¡°shopping around¡±.

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