Shanghai Art Fair 2011 (15th) ¡ª Galer¨ªa O+O (Oriente & Occidente) Gallery
2011-7-27 11:06:15


Shanghai Art Fair 2011 will be grandly held 14th ¨C 18th Sept at ShanghaiMART. (99 Xingyi Road)

The exhibiting artworks of the Galer¨ªa O+O include painting, sculpture, video, new technology, engraving, mixed media and installation. The Galer¨ªa O+O is devoted to promoting art and cultural exchange between China and West via a series of art exhibitions in Beijing, Taipei, Japan and Shanghai.


Consuelo Cardenal, Burned 1, photography  (Gallery O+O, Spain ) 

Sergio Belinch¨®n, The paradise, photography  (Gallery O+O, Spain )

Ra¨²l Belinch¨®n, Gatwick Station,  photography (Gallery O+O, Spain )

Nicole Herzog, Bleeding from the mouth, digital image, (Gallery O+O, Spain )

Juan Carlos Juli¨¢n, Rock, oil,  (Gallery O+O, Spain )

 Enriqueta Hueso, Duero 1, mixed,  (Gallery O+O, Spain )


Concha del Soto, Falling, etching  (Gallery O+O, Spain )


Guillermo£¬ Nº 4,  sculpture,  (Gallery O+O, Spain )


Friendly Reminder:
Shanghai Art Fair 2011 14th ¨C 18th Sep
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